What a Book Proposal Should Include

“Do not Sell the Book – Sell the Proposal”

It is sometimes so complicated for young and inexperienced authors to ell the book. True, it may be fascinating and extremely interesting for the target audience group, but it has no marketing value. In this case you need to immediately proceed to the book proposal writing and thus, receive the guarantee of your book’s sale. The book should serve the “platform” for writing a proposal and provide the basis for its composing.

Best Way to Promote the Book by Book Proposal Writing

Before presenting the results of your book proposal writing to editors and publishers, you need to get carefully acquainted with book proposals’ templates and examples and write your own one accordingly. For the better promotion of the book your proposal writing needs to include notions on the book’s content, relevance, competition, concept, writing style etc.

Components of the Book Proposal

An efficient book proposal needs to include the following components:

  • one-page summary of the book – what is its subject, value and “catch” for the reader;
  • manuscript description – number of pages (length) and illustrations (if there are any);
  • specific and detailed outline of the table of contents;
  • your resume as an author;
  • marketing survey so that to ensure your book’s selling success;
  • precise schedule – when will you finish the last version of the manuscript.

After you have included all these components into the book proposal you need to think of how to complement it with some exclusive and “catching” facts. Do you want your book to be a real bomb in the area of modern literature? Then strive for it!

Best Way out – Ordering Proposal Writing Service

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